Bitcoin and the United Nations: It’s complicated

The Latin American countries Brazil and Argentina make the beginning of our podcast. A lot is happening there in terms of establishing crypto. Be it that Brazil wants to tokenize gold or that the city of Buenos Aires sets up Ethereum Full Nodes.

Russia is pushing ahead with digital rubles

It continues with Russia, which wants to detach itself more and more from western payment infrastructures. The digital ruble should be the first step towards monetary independence as early as 2024. It can be assumed that Russia is copying some things from China, which is already live with their digital yuan. You can find out what other reasons Putin could have for the digital central bank in the Recap Podcast.

United Nations (UN) warn against cryptocurrencies

Finally, we deal with the position of the United Nations (UN). New policy briefs cast doubt on their crypto affinity. On the one hand, they certify that emerging countries in particular are particularly active crypto users. On the other hand, they discourage emerging market states from betting on the crypto economy.

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