Bitcoin: Did Satoshi Nakamoto just sign his big comeback?

A minor from the earliest ages? – The network Bitcoin (BTC) was launched on January 3, 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. But its creator no longer gave the slightest sign of life since 2011. A recent message on the forum However, suspicions have just resurfaced. A very curious anonymous person has just proved that he has mined a block Bitcoin in the early days that followed the launch of the network.

Back to the past: a Bitcoin block from January 2009

The person behind the pseudonym “OneSignature” talk about her on the forum, and even beyond. It all started with a subject seeking to know “Who has/had the oldest bitcoin mined? ».

The nickname OneSignature thus posted the message below, including a signature cryptographic in connection with bitcoins very old. Various investigations explain that this signature would prove a link with the block No. 1018 of the Bitcoin blockchain, mined the… January 19, 2009 ! either only 16 days after Satoshi Nakamoto generated the Genesis Block (the very first block in the BTC network).

Was the mysterious “OneSignature” already on Bitcoin on January 16, 2009? – Source:

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So, Satoshi Nakamoto or not? The mystery remains (for now) whole

The OneSignature account is very not very talkative in his message. And to add to the mystery, it turns out that he created his account on the same day where he posted this cryptographic signature. So it seems to have created it on purpose to answer.

On Twitter, Cobra wishes, however, to calm the ardor premature on the “reappearance” of Satoshi Nakamoto. He himself is an old-timer on Bitcoin: he is the heir of founded by Satoshi, and controls the forum domain. Although Cøbra concedes that there is very (very) little of people who used Bitcoin at that time, it would not be a question there (for the N°1018) of a block being suspected of having been mined by Satoshi himself (the patoshi blocks »).

“Block 1018 is not a Patoshi block, so it is unlikely to be Satoshi. While many people might have mined bitcoin this early, the overwhelming evidence suggests that almost no one did. Bitcoin was obscure, uninteresting, and considered a dumb idea, why install a random .exe? »

Satoshi Nakamoto are you there?  A bitcoin veteran in doubt.
Twitter account @CobraBitcoin

the white paper of Bitcoin was published as early as October 31, 2008. This would have allowed the small circle revolving around Nakamoto to potentially participate in Bitcoin mining as soon as it was launched 2 months later. But in fact, Cøbra explains that only “a handful” was already there in January 2009. In any case, this enigmatic OneSignature brought here, and in one go, far more evidence than Craig Wright ever did.

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