Bitcoin January 14, 2022 – The $46,000 Pivot

End of routine? Traders and analysts are speculating an exit from the $40,000-$46,000 range, a pattern that would seriously put bitcoin (BTC) back on track for a sustainable bullish recovery.

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Bitcoin short squeeze: a drop below $40,000 before a bullish impulse

bitcoin falls below $41,840 on Bitfinex today, January 14, 2022, before rebounding sharply to rise above $43,400. It is trading at $43,201 at the time of writing, and is currently recording a daily gain of 1.23%.

The drop below $42,000 grants trader Pentoshi’s wish for bitcoin’s price to drop below this level, with the lows then constituting a buying opportunity. The next step could then be, according to Pentoshi, the $46,000.

Publication by Pentoshi – Source: Twitter

Decentrader analysts said in their market update today, that they expect bitcoin to decline further in the range of $30,000 – $40,000.

They nonetheless hint at the possibility of a bitcoin’s next bullish impulse, whose funding rates are gradually becoming more and more negative, a necessary condition for the markets to see a short squeeze. These financing rates remained until a few days ago, “stubbornly flat”.

Two major resistances for the price of bitcoin: a trend reversal at 90,000 BTC

Will bitcoin be able to resume the 50-week exponential moving average as support at the weekly close? This average currently sits in the $44,200-$44,500 area, and is an important resistance for the bulls to break.

Data coming from Whalemap shows the existence of another major resistance zone a little higher above $44,000. The whales have accumulated previously 90,000 BTC to $46,500.

Publication of Whalemap – Source: Twitter

They will “provide some resistance there though,” but regaining that level “will feel like a trend reversal,” according to Whalemap.

Will BTC markets’ hopes of an imminent exit from the routine pattern that has been in place for a few weeks come to fruition? Bitcoin price must break through at least two major resistances.

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