Bitcoin Lightning Network Integration on Twitter “Just a Matter of Time”

The Berlin FinTech platform Bloxxon joins the Polymesh testnet as an authoring node. Together they want to expand the blockchain, which specializes in security tokens.

As a new authoring node operator, Bloxxon AG is joining the Polymesh test network. This emerges from a press release that BTC-ECHO has received. In the future, FinTech in Berlin will be involved in securing the Polymesh network. The project of the crypto company Polymath has set itself the goal of building a platform for security tokens. More precisely, it is a special blockchain for regulated assets, capital markets and open finance. You only work with known, trustworthy and verified capital market participants. One of them is now Bloxxon.

As a fintech platform, Bloxxon provides banks and financial institutions with services and technologies that want to build and expand their business in the field of crypto and digital assets.

Enthusiasm for blockchain partnership

CEO Didier Goepfert was enthusiastic about the new partnership:

Security tokens offer a new class of asset and the technology by which they are operated will play a crucial role in determining their success or failure. Since Polymesh is specifically designed for regulated assets, we can be confident that the technology can keep up with market demands. We look forward to our growing engagement in the blockchain.

Didier Goepfert, Bloxxon CEO

Polymath interim CEO Chris Housser is also delighted with Bloxxon’s commitment.

We are very pleased that Bloxxon, one of the leading crypto and digital asset service providers, is joining the Polymesh network and contributing to its security.

Polymath interim CEO Chris Housser

Many participants are required for a blockchain to really work. At the same time, however, the identity of the individual node operators is also important – especially for regulated securities. Previously, Polymath came into the public eye when it presented its fractal verification software, which enables users to quickly and legally onboarding on Polymath’s blockchain.