Bitter drops: Which bitter drops are the best?

bitter drops
Which bitter drops are the best?

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Bitter substances are said to have a health-promoting effect and also help with weight loss. But which bitter drops are the best?

Not necessarily popular, but very healthy: Bitter foods have been proven to have a positive effect positive effect on our health. So we should eat more of it. If chicory, rocket and Co. do not end up on your plate regularly, you can help with drops of bitter substances. But which are the best? We have three recommendations for you.

What are bitter substances?

Natural bitter substances are chemical compounds that contained in many plants are. They are found, for example, in artichokes, aubergines, chicory, rocket, kale, Brussels sprouts, chard, spinach or olives. Spices such as turmeric, thyme or cinnamon also contain bitter substances. As the name suggests, they taste very bitter – but also very healthy.

What is the effect of bitter substances?

Bitters have one positive influence on digestion. They stimulate the production of gastric acid and bile and can thus make heavy food more digestible. Bitter substances can also lead to improvement in the intestinal disease Crohn’s disease. They also inhibit the desire for sweets and thus contribute to a healthier diet.

Do bitter drops help you lose weight?

bitter substances inhibit the appetite and especially the craving for sweets. As a result, we eat less overall and, above all, less sugar. That helps with weight loss. You can consume bitter substances in the form of vegetables, but unfortunately bitter substances are often cultivated out of foods because consumers prefer sweet tastes. If we don’t absorb enough bitter substances through food, we can help with natural bitter drops. This can be dripped onto the tongue after a meal or used in between to reduce the appetite for sweets or snacks.

Bitter drops: Which are the best?

There are a number of bitter substances drops from different manufacturers. In our comparison, we took a closer look at individual preparations: Which herbs were processed and of what quality? Does it contain additives, sugar or alcohol? How does the product perform in customer reviews? Below you will find our three favourites.

Our test winner: NATURE LOVE organic bitter drops

The Bitter drops from NATURE LOVE are gently extracted from artichoke, rosemary, thyme, echinacea, dandelion, ginger, lavender, gentian and chamomile. All herbs and plants are certified organic. The drops contain no alcohol, sugar, artificial flavors or colors and each production batch is controlled by an independent laboratory. Many buyers report in their reviews that the drops taste better than those from other manufacturers and actually reduce the desire for sweets.

NATURTREU herbal kick bitter substance drops

The Bitter drops from NATURTREU contain bitter substances from wormwood, gentian, black cumin, dandelion, angelica root, sheep’s moat, lavender and fennel seeds. Alcohol, sugar and additives are also avoided here. The bitter substance drops are manufactured and bottled in Germany and tested by an independent laboratory. Many Amazon customers report in comments that the drops have helped them lose weight.

BitterLove Bitterdrops

Maybe you know the BitterLiebe brand from the TV show “The Lion’s Den”? Since then they are Bitter love drops extremely popular. They contain neither sugar nor additives, but instead contain bitter substances from a total of 15 different plants and herbs: gentian root, artichoke herb, centaury, dandelion root, wormwood herb, angelica root, bitter orange fruit, yarrow herb with flowers, ginger roots, cardamom with peel, lavender flowers, turmeric roots, zedoary roots, bitter fennel seeds , black cumin seeds.

There are the Original bitter love dropsthat contain alcohol to extract the active ingredients from the herbs. Besides there is also BitterLove Drops Mildthat do without alcohol and instead contain apple cider vinegar, glycerin and water.

How do I take Bitter Drops?

You can the bitter drops before or after eating take in. You can find out how many drops you should take from the manufacturer’s recommendation. Usually it is between 5 and 25 drops. If you can’t get used to the bitter taste at all, you can also put the bitter substance drops in a glass of water. Reduce the amount of water a little each day until you get used to the taste. If it doesn’t work at all, you can switch to bitter capsules.

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