Bizarre appearance – Corona deniers dance the “Macarena” on Stephansplatz

Numerous corona deniers have come to Vienna’s Stephansplatz on New Year’s Eve to celebrate. Video recordings on Twitter show a crowd dancing to the party hit “Macarena”. On the sidelines of the celebrations, however, passers-by and photographers were also harassed. The police finally moved in with a larger contingent.

The police had already announced before New Year’s Eve that they would show an increased presence in the city center. Until about 8.30 p.m. the atmosphere in Vienna’s city center was also absolutely peaceful, as a “Krone” local inspection showed. But at a later hour, radical opponents of the Corona measure gathered on Stephansplatz. Observers said about 50-100 people were there. Police expected crowds, including conspiracy theorist Jennifer K., who had already violated the Corona measures several times and was therefore sentenced to heavy fines. The police had expected in advance that corona deniers could gather in the city. Calls for parties and “walks” are circulating in social media after the officially decreed closing of the bars. It was also to be expected that partiers could mingle with opponents of the measure. Only one small gathering was registered in the federal capital at 10.30 p.m. in the city park, with those responsible only expecting up to 50 participants.
source site-12