Bizarre circus, season 21 of Brawl Stars revealed during Brawl Talk

The new season 21 of Brawl Stars “Bizarre circus” revealed during Brawl Talk arrives with the overhaul of the clubs, eagerly awaited by players. On the program, a new brawler and new features related to hypercharge mechanics.

The new brawlers of season 21 on Brawl Stars

This season introduces a whole new zone and its associated brawler, Charlie. This will be unlockable in the battle pass.

Charlie, yo-yo expert with a formidable ultimate

Raised on the streets, Charlie has perfected impressive techniques that she uses in combat. These allowed her to be recruited and become the highlight of the Cirque Bizarre show.

Its basic attack projects a yo-yo that automatically returns if it hits an opponent. The closer her target is, the faster she can shoot in the same way as Carl.

On the side of her super, she projects a cocoon capable of immobilizing the affected opponent. Under hypercharge, the cocoon creates 3 spiders that attack the nearest opponent.

The big overhaul of the clubs, the Mega Pig!

The new club system, announced during the previous Brawl Talk, arrives in mid-November. Thus, all previous mechanics are removed to make way for a brand new game mode, “Mega Pig”.

Each month, clubs will have a number of tickets to use to launch random games. In addition to the game mode dedicated to clubs, a modifier will also be drawn to make matches more exotic.

It will also be possible for members of clubs who have used all their tickets to accompany other members, however, they will not be able to score points without tickets. Finally, matches are presented in a single round and brawler bans at the start of the game are removed.

mega pig brawl stars
The new look of the club menu, the Mega Pig!

If a match is won, the Mega Pig’s piggy bank increases. At the end of the month, it explodes and offers a number of rewards proportional to its size. However, the quality of the rewards will depend on the club’s overall ranking, and players who have won the most fights for the club will receive bonus rewards.

New Events and “hypercharge” abilities

Following the previous update, 5 new hypercharge powers will be available with the following powers:

  • Jessie: Now the turret summoned under Hypercharge is larger, has more health, and deals more damage.
  • Rose: Her super creates an area that slows down opponents around her while she is hypercharged.
  • Lou: Lou’s super zone instantly freezes opponents under hypercharge.
  • Maisie: Using the super also sends out a basic attack simultaneously while hypercharged.
  • Colette : Under hypercharge, the damage of his super triggers twice.

Thus, a new Hypercharge event will be available and will offer to obtain one of these powers for free. Additionally, Hypercharges can now be purchased for gems in the store without paying for an associated emote pack.

Brawl Talk Season 21 Changes

Although this season only announces one brawler, many minor changes will also be available in-game very soon.

New Free Daily Rewards

From now on and to compensate for the disappearance of the club store, 25 daily rewards will be distributed in the form of Starr rewards.

These drops are of different rarities and represent a very interesting gain in rewards. In addition, they will contain at least 2 legendary rewards, mythical rewards as well as pins linked to the “Mega Pig” game mode.

rewards brawl stars brawl talk

brawl stars world final

The world final at Dreamhack in Sweden

The finals of the Brawl Stars World Championship will be held from November 24 to 26 at “Dreamhack Winter” in Sweden.

Important note, during these events unique arrangements are often deployed to reward spectators. So unique skins like “Tara Rageuse” could appear there.

Tons of new skins

Overall, this update is particularly loaded with new skins. In keeping with the theme of the season, the “Bizarre circus” versions will be there.

The Brawloween skins are logically making a comeback, with 3 new skins for Jessie, Fang and Leon. And a new family in an Indian theme is revealed with “The Warrior’s journey”.

Finally, 5 more classic skins appear in the game.

brawl stars skins

Hypercharge Power: Brawl Stars Season 20

In conclusion and to better understand season 21, relive the changes to Brawl Talk from season 20.

Fully summarized, it contains the arrival of the Hypercharge mechanic and numerous tools to make quests more accessible on a daily basis.

meta game mode
brawl stars meta update

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