Black Friday 2020: The first deals on Amazon

Black Friday 2020 is just around the corner and the (online) retailers are already getting us in the mood with initial offers and discounts.

The Christmas season is approaching in big steps and so it is not just bargain hunters who are waiting full of anticipation for the annual Black Friday 2020. Because from big shopping players to small boutiques: hardly anyone can miss the happy shopping mood of customers and attracts with great offers and top deals. A win-win situation, because we as customers can make huge savings. This is how (Christmas) shopping is a lot of fun. And with all the savings, there may still be a present or two for ourselves.

Black Friday 2020: First great deals favor our Christmas shopping

The price war has begun. Yes, we have to call it that, because numerous retailers are already trying to get us to buy with discounts and to outbid each other with attractive offers. We don't fight back, we like to be courted. In order to grab some great bargains now, we took a look around for you and put together the best early offers. Because: what you have, you have. Is not it?!

Extra tip: Have you had something on your wish list for a long time and are afraid that it will sell out too quickly on Black Friday 2020? Then register with your favorite retailer, if they offer something like this, in a loyalty program, newsletter or membership program. Often loyal customers are informed in advance about top deals. Amazon Prime customers, for example, often get access to offers even earlier and thus have a time advantage over non-members. If you're not a Prime customer yet, you can a 30-day free Prime membership and save particularly quickly and easily on Black Friday 2020 or Cyber ​​Week 2020.

First Black Friday deals 2020 on Amazon

Even before the big run starts at the end of November, you can already shop for the first great offers on Amazon.

How about this one, for example Yoga mat? Since the coronavirus is likely to remain part of our everyday life throughout the winter, we will probably have to spend a lot of time at home. It is certainly a sensible idea to have a good sports mat with which we can compensate for going to the gym or to sports courses. You could choose between many colors and put yourself in the best (sports) mood.

It is and remains one of the best sellers: the Jamie Oliver panfrom Tefal. Now you don't automatically become a chef with this pan – but the integrated temperature indicator, the non-stick coating, which even metal spatulas and the like cannot harm – it makes cooking and frying much easier and more pleasant.

Those who prefer to make their life a little easier have probably (like us) been dreaming of one for a long time Vacuum robotwho does some of the housework. If you can now save a lot of money – why shouldn't you fulfill your wish now ?!

While the vacuum robot is doing some of your work, you can devote yourself to an audio book or the new record of your favorite band. In order to be able to move around freely, are Bluetooth headphones Worth gold. These are currently available at a bargain price.

On the other hand, this ensures beautiful curls and a great shine in the hair Styling brush. But straightening the hair also works perfectly with it. The savings of more than 30 percent are also impressive. Or what do you mean?

When is Black Friday 2020?

You can look forward to Black Friday all year round. Partly because you always know exactly when he's waiting for you. As is well known by now, Black Friday has its origins in America. There Black Friday always follows a very important holiday in the USA: Thanksgiving, the American version of our Thanksgiving festival. Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday in November, so the Black Friday always on the fourth Friday in November instead of. In 2020 this will be November 27th.

Black Friday 2020: All important dates at a glance

What started with a single bargain day has grown into a whole week of shopping. Whether shopping giants like Amazon and large retail chains or smaller retailers, many of them lure us earlier with initial offers to get us in the mood for the hunt for the best deals and top offers. The main focus is then on Cyber ​​Week, which ends with Cyber ​​Monday at the beginning of the week after Black Friday.

Cyber ​​Week: 11/23/20 – 11/30/20

Black Friday: 11/27/20

Cyber ​​Monday: 11/30/20

Black Friday celebrated its triumphant advance in Germany

Black Friday and the associated shopping offers have also been extremely popular in Germany for several years. No wonder. After all, the end of November offers the ideal starting shot to start the Christmas shopping phase. Since 2013, one can say that Black Friday has also established itself with German customers as a prelude and as the "holiday of the bargain hunters". No wonder: after all, more and more companies and retailers have jumped on the bandwagon over the years. The range of offers now ranges from electronics to fashion & beauty to interiors.

In addition, the most diverse "shopping types" are served. So it doesn't matter on Black Friday whether you prefer to move from shop to shop on the shopping mile and scour the shelves for great offers, prefer to visit online retailers that span multiple markets and products, such as Amazon, or specifically the online store or flagship pays a visit to the favorite brands. You can find the deals pretty much everywhere (and of course bundled here with us).

Why actually Black Friday?

Have you ever asked yourself why THE shopping highlight of the year has such a negative connotation? After all, "Black Friday" is associated with a really bad day for the global economy. The stock market crash of 1929 as a model for excessive shopping? Strange. In fact, it is no longer clear where the name Black Friday for today's discount battle comes from. Some say it should be a reminder of the chaos that prevailed on the Friday after the stock market crash. Others think that the dealers get very black hands from counting a lot of money and still others think that the many customers are merging into a black mass. Every story has something of its own, right ?!

Is Black Friday just a big hoax?

Basically at the same time as the spread of Black Friday in Germany, the debate about the real benefits and savings for buyers also grew. Because one thing is certain: not every advertised discount is real. What do we mean? If a product is, let's say, sold with a 50 percent discount, this does not automatically mean that the buyer also saves 50 percent. Often this information is based on significantly higher original prices. But if this product has been on the market for a while, it was certainly no longer the previous RRP price before Black Friday. That doesn't mean that the customer doesn't save something anyway. But it could be, for example, that the savings are "only" 15 percent. You should be aware of this and ideally observe products that you have wanted for a long time a few weeks before Black Friday in order to then better classify the price or the savings.

A little hint: It's best to make a shopping list before Black Friday 2020. That might sound boring and of course we like to let ourselves be carried away by the offers and make impulsive purchases. But if you think about what you really need beforehand, you will also know in case of doubt whether it is only the second or the tenth "unnecessary" additional purchase.

We wish you a great bargain hunt on Black Friday 2020!

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