Blackheads: Tips and tricks for unclean skin


Blackheads on forehead, nose and chin do not look pretty and women want to get rid of them forever. We reveal the best tips.

Pimples versus blackheads: what’s the difference?

Blackheads (also called “comedones” in technical language) are formed when the skin produces excessive amounts of sebum and at the same time hardens the hair roots (hair follicles). The sebum can not escape through the canal of the sebaceous glands. It forms a plug that clogs the exit of the follicular canal.

The embedded dye melanin reacts with the oxygen in the air and darkens the graft – thus creating the typical appearance of blackheads. Blackheads are thus clogged pores , which can be seen as a white or black dot (hence the distinction between blackheads and whiteheads) on the skin. They like to occur on the nose, forehead and chin. Especially oily skin or skinaffected by acne has faster blackheads.

Pimples on the face are inflamed pores, which in most cases arise from clogged pores, so the blackhead. The mix of sebum and dandruff forms the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. It comes to inflammatory reactions and pimples arise. We have tips on what to do about blemished skin .

Remove blackheads: You have to pay attention!

If you want to get rid of blackheads, make sure that he always has well-cleaned hands before he touches his face. However, what sounds simple and logical is often forgotten and, in the worst case, can end up with more bacteria penetrating the skin and more blackheads and pimples spreading through the skin.

In addition, pimples and blackheads should never be expressed on their own. Incorrect use can cause not only inflammation but, in the worst case, scars. If you still want to do more than pay attention to a proper cleansing of the skin, you should go to a professional beautician. To get rid of blackheads in the long term, only the right skin care helps .

Blackheads: The right facial care

  • Those who are prone to oily skin should use products that do not dry out the skin when cleaning. So rather take a cleansing milk, as an alcoholic tonic. If the skin is dried out too much, the treatment achieves the opposite effect: the skin increases sebum production, causing blackheads to form again. A vicious circle arises.
  • For oily skin degrease it, preferably with a syndet or a cleansing gel . Important: Rinse off with plenty of water, otherwise product residues will cause blackheads. Twice daily, morning and evening clean , enough.
  • A good pimple prophylaxis is a weekly exfoliation that removes dead skin and helps against blackheads. Products containing salicylic acidor hydrogen peroxide can help against blackheads. Salicylic acid helps to open the pores so that the excess sebum can escape from the pores by peeling off the uppermost skin layer. It is part of many products for blackheads and acne. Hydrogen peroxide has a disinfecting effect and can help to heal small inflammations.
  • Anyone who disturbs large pores in general can reduce their pore size with a “power-peel” , which is a vacuum-controlled skin abrasion that the dermatologist can carry out and which generally minimizes skin pores.

Attention! This can make blackheads worse:

  • No excessive facial care: Anyone who reaches for alcoholic cleansing gels or peels the skin too often removes the natural protective coat of the skin. This will increase sebum production.
  • The pimples should definitely be a beautician , because squeezing the inflamed area can aggravate the problem as the follicular wall can be damaged. Or bacteria, which are already contained in the Talgpfropfen, pressed into deeper layers of skin, which can cause inflammation there.
  • Always wash your hands before cleaning your face so as not to expose bacteria to the facial skin.
  • Stress, lack of sleep, cigarette and alcohol consumption have a strong influence on the skin and can close the pores. Sport and exercise in the fresh air, on the other hand, ensure good blood circulation and improve the supply of oxygen to the skin.

The best SOS tips against blackheads

1. Blackhead patch

For many, they are considered an insider’s tip for quickly removing blackheads. The patches, or “nasal strips”, “clear-up strips” or “face strips” called, are applied to the affected areas of the skin, so nose, forehead or chin with water. The whole works for ten minutes, then the plasters are removed and should open the clogged pores so . For emergencies, this is certainly a good way to remove blackheads. But they should never (!) Be stuck on pimples. However, the patches only help for a short time. Because they fight only the symptoms, so the blackheads, but not the cause that should be treated for a long-term effect.

2. Lemon water

Lemon juice is often recommended for acne patients in the fight against pimples and works just as well on blackheads. There are several ways to use it: either mix a little lemon juice with a tablespoon of sugar and massage on affected areas – or mix the lemon juice with natural yoghurt, honey and salt and apply the mixture as a mask on the skin for 30 minutes. In both cases, blackheads are prevented, existing blackheads can be gradually removed and the skin is simultaneously supplied with moisture and nutrients.

3. Nutrition

It is as effective as it is logical: One of the best ways to get rid of blackheads and regulate sebum production is through nutrition. Especially women who suffer from acne or blackheads for a long time should refrain from milk, sugar and greasy products . If it helps, you can also keep a nutrition diary to keep track. Although there are women who do not give up any of this and yet do not envy pimples, it has been scientifically proven that there is a connection here.

4. Healing earth

Clay removes sebum and toxins from the skin and provides them with minerals instead. It also promotes blood circulation and therefore provides a rosy complexion. To combat blackheads and to prevent them, it therefore makes sense to apply healing clay regularly as a mask. Simply mix healing clay powder with a little water or chamomile tea and leave the mixture on the skin for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

5. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is also a great way to get rid of blackheads. It has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect . Since some people are allergic to it, it should first be applied only selectively to test the reaction of the skin. If no itching or unpleasant burning occurs, a few drops of the oil should be spotted several times daily on the affected areas. Within a few weeks, the appearance of the skin can improve significantly.