“Blackout” in Rust – entire city without electricity, only the inn was light

Residents and guests in Rust got a little foretaste of a blackout feared by many experts. Towards evening the power suddenly went out in hotels and many households. No light, no food, no charging of the cell phone – those affected reacted annoyed. They had to be patient by candlelight.

From one second to the next it was dark on Monday around 7.30 p.m. in large parts of the free city of Rust. Many have been surprised by the power failure at home. Suddenly nothing worked anymore. On the other hand, there was a good atmosphere in a restaurant.

A lucky couple
As one of the few houses on Feldgasse, the popular Storchenschenke was spared the “blackout”. The cozy atmosphere could be savored there without interruption.

It took a while for the lights to come back on everywhere. “In total darkness, every minute seemed like an eternity. However, it was still too early to go to bed, ”said a hotel guest.

Lost my nerve
Not everyone affected remained calm. One visitor almost lost his nerve because he couldn’t charge his cell phone battery in the hotel. Others ran to the door to get something to eat.

Defect in the supply line
After a good hour, the power failure was over. Initially, no trigger for the breakdown was clearly recognizable, it said at the energy supplier. Later, a defect in the supply line in the Seehotel area, which paralyzed the transformer, was suspected to be the cause.

According to the technicians, overvoltage could then have led to a chain reaction in other transformers.

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