Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, very negative reviews and collectors at Limited Run Games

25 years ago, Westwood Studios was going out an adventure video game that is quickly cult: Blade Runner. The title is inspired by the eponymous film by Ridley Scott and the novel Do Androids dream of electric sheep? by Philip K. Dick, plunging us into a future cyberpunk to investigate a series of murders.

A must have game for fans of point & click who was given a second youth this week thanks to Nightdive Studios. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has arrived on PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, but the feedback has been far from positive. As reported Eurogamerthe game accumulates negative opinions on Steam and especially on I have to say that Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition suffers froma rather disastrous visual rendering, with in particular blurred backgrounds and difficult to read texts. The players especially point the finger at the fact that Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition removed from the store the emulated version under ScummVM of the original game, at much better quality. nevertheless specify Eurogamer that this older version is included with Blade Runner: Enhanced Editionas a reminder sold at the same price as this edition ScummVM at Less than 10 euros.

Not sure if this is enough to reverse the trend of negative reviews, but fans can turn to physical and collector’s editions on Switch and PS4pre-order at the house of Limited Run Games. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is entitled to a plain boxed version for $29.99, a Collector’s Edition with the game, steel booka poster of the film, a lenticular pin Voight-Kampff and cards representing artworks of the game for $89.99, and even a Ultimate Edition plus a lithograph, a replica police badge, a patch Tyrell and a replica of blaster 1:1 scaleagainst $174.99 all the same.

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