Blinded by the sun – boy (8) hit by car on a protective path

An 8-year-old boy was hit and injured by a car while crossing a zebra crossing in Mäder on Tuesday morning. The 34-year-old driver said she was blinded by the low sun.

The boy wanted to cross the Schutzweg on the Neue Landstrasse (L 58) from the Böckwies municipal road at around 7.25 a.m. He stood on the edge of the road and raised his hand to draw attention to himself.

A moped driver driving in the direction of Altach stopped in front of the protective path to let the child cross the street. A subsequent 34-year-old car driver, who said she was blinded by the low sun, drove past the stationary moped driver and collided with the child. The child was injured in the collision of an indefinite degree. Slight property damage occurred to the car.