Blitz Pumpkin Pasta: Delicious winter recipe for the autumn classic

Lightning Pumpkin Pasta
That’s how delicious we cook the autumn classic this winter

Do you have an appetite for pumpkin pasta? Find out the recipe here.


Not fed up with pumpkin dishes yet? We neither! Especially when they’re as tasty as this quick pumpkin pasta.

This pumpkin pasta is a real highlight: It looks good, is conjured up on the plate in a flash and it tastes just amazing. And as if that wasn’t enough, the pumpkin is also a real superfood.

Quick recipe for super easy pumpkin pasta

Acquired a taste?

Everything you need for the pumpkin pasta:

200 g spaghetti

1 pumpkin (Hokkaido or butternut)

Chilli flakes

2 cloves of garlic



olive oil

We show you the preparation step by step in the video. Bon Appetit!

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