Blizzard game news singled out, a Skyrim meme analyzed… this is today’s JV recap!

Game news Blizzard singled out, a Skyrim meme analyzed… that’s today’s JV recap!

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It’s Monday, February 12, 2024, and as Valentine’s Day gradually approaches, we look back at some brief stories that have made our hearts beat in recent days. Good reading !


  • Loop Hero is coming to mobile soon
  • A medieval expert takes to Skyrim to give explanations
  • Lethal Company is on sale…and its creator is saying strange things
  • In 2024, console sales down for the main manufacturers?
  • “They don’t care about people” This ex-Blizzard employee empties his bag

Loop Hero is coming to mobile soon

Do you know Loop Hero? This game published by Devolver is aimed at fans of rogue-lite and big pixels. Combining some elements of deck building and a good dose of automation, it delighted those looking for experiences that were both simple and captivating. The good news is that in a short time, all players who own a smartphone will be able to try it! The software will indeed arrive on April 30 on Android and iOS. Although we do not yet know how much you will have to pay to go on the adventure, the title will have a free demo, just to see if the touch controls are well suited.

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A medieval expert takes to Skyrim to give explanations

A funny story that comes to us from GamesRadar. Kevin Hicks, a historian who founded the YouTube channel “Thehistorysquad”, discovered the existence of the video game Skyrim because of comments left on his videos when he talks about medieval injuries. I too was an adventurer once, and then I took an arrow in the knee” he reads in several messages. It was ultimately his son who explained to him the origin of this quote (which became an Internet meme), namely Skyrim, and presented him with the basics of the Bethesda game. “In medieval times, if you got an arrow in the knee, did you survive? Could you keep fighting?”. The historian gives his professional point of view in a video produced for the occasion.

Lethal Company is one of the surprises of the end of 2023. Its concept, based around cooperation, is as funny as it is frightening. In this horrific first-person co-op game, players are asked to be employees of the “Company”, to find objects in normally abandoned places. Of course, the journey is never easy since monsters and traps stand in the way of the survivors. On X/Twitter, its creator warns that the software is on sale on Steam, with a 30% reduction. He adds : “I’m starting to think it would be better if all updates were larger and less frequent”. Before concluding : I really want Lethal Company updates to feel like I walked into an alien zoo and freed all the animals. Okay… who’s up for it?

In 2024, console sales down for the main manufacturers?

In 2023, and according to figures from The Financial Times, the PS5 would have seen a 65% increase in sales compared to 2022, while the Xbox Series X/S and the Switch would have seen a drop (of 15%). for the Microsoft console and 18% for the Nintendo machine). What will this look like in 2024? According to Christopher Dring, head of GamesIndustry, we could see an overall drop in sales compared to 2023, at least across the Channel. “We are going to see a year of decline in console sales in the UK this year (…). In January, Xbox Series S and X sales were down 7%, PS5 sales were down 17% while Nintendo Switch sales were down 31% year over year” he declared on X/Twitter. We will have to see if this trend is confirmed in the United States, and if it continues in the months to come.

“They don’t care about people” This ex-Blizzard employee empties his bag

It is thanks to social networks that we can sometimes hear the dismay of certain video game developers. Chris Sayers, a VFX artist who worked on Overwatch 2, posted [
plusieurs messages] telling a story that isn’t really reassuring about how Blizzard treats its employees. He explains that the group gave him a promotion, as well as new responsibilities. Unfortunately, not seeing the promised salary increase arrive, he begins to complain to Human Resources, which causes a chain reaction. According to his words, not only is he forced to leave the group, but in addition, Blizzard imposes a non-competition clause on him which prevents him from finding work for 3 months. Without being paid. “I said I can’t survive for 3 months without pay, I have a mortgage and they looked me in the eye and said: well you probably shouldn’t have signed the contract then” he writes.

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