Blockwall launches EUR 50 million blockchain fund

After blockchain funds have already been pioneered with Blockwall Capital I, the second edition of the “BWC” is now going on. Two star-ups are already part of the portfolio of the new crypto fund.

The fact that the blockchain sector has come to stay is not only evident from the market capitalization of Bitcoin and Co., which has now grown to over USD 1.5 trillion. The sources from which capital flows into the crypto sector are no longer restricted to private investors either. American crypto funds such as Crypto III from Andreessen Horowitz or the massive BTC mountain accumulated by Grayscale are just a few examples of the increasing institutional involvement in the growth sector “crypto”. But there is also a lot going on in terms of blockchain funds in this country.

Blockwall: Second blockchain fund with a focus on start-ups

The latest foray comes from the Frankfurt company Blockwall Managment, a venture capitalist specializing in the blockchain sector. With its Blockwall Capital I (BWC I) fund, Blockwall was the first BaFin-licensed fund manager in 2018 to give investors in Germany access to the crypto space.

On June 29th, Blockwall announced the completion of the first financing round for its second blockchain investment fund. In contrast to BWC 1, which serves as a token fund for investments in crypto networks, Blockwall Capital II (BWC II) focuses on (pre-) seed investments blockchain start-ups and B2B start-ups that generate their sales using blockchain technology. Particular attention is paid to scalability and cross-industry use cases. The blockchain fund has a target volume of 50 million euros. The raising of capital should be completed by the end of the year.

Numerous repeat offenders: inside

According to a press release from Blockwall, a large part of the capital raised so far comes from entrepreneurs, family offices and institutional investors who have already invested in Blockwall Captial I. This also includes the Swiss VC Mutschler Ventures. Board member Sylvie Mutschler explains why her company is also involved in BWC II:

We are convinced that the topic of blockchain will become more and more important in the next few years. The fact that we are now on board again as an investor for the second fund underlines our trust in the Blockwall team and the direction of the fund.

If Dominic Briggs, General Partner at Blockwall has his way, the new blockchain fund can also provide impetus for the digital transformation of Europe.

Blockchain technology will continue to revolutionize the corporate world in the years to come. Technology has become indispensable today and more and more applications are coming onto the market. […] The crypto market is the best example of the added value that blockchain technology can add. Now it is a matter of developing institutional solutions and making applications usable for companies. This can also drive the digital transformation of companies in Europe.

BWC II: Two start-ups already on the list

The blockchain fund plans to invest in up to 30 start-ups. Two have already been made. One of them is the space start-up Xylene GmbH. Xylene is developing a blockchain-based solution for supply chain management in the space technology sector. The e-mobility start-up bloXmove is also part of the Portfolio from Blockwall Capital II. BloXmove is based on the Mobility Blockchain platform developed by the Blockchain department of Daimler Mobility AG and licensed to bloXmove in June. There is also overlap at the personnel level. With CTO Harry Behrens, the former head of that blockchain department is one of the founders of bloXmove.