Bloober Team assures, the Silent Hill 2 remake has not been abandoned

Announced in October 2022, the remake of Silent Hill 2 has been very discreet since. Of all the projects revealed by Konami, Silent Hill Ascension is also the only one to have seen the light of day for the moment. However, this does not mean that the rest is abandoned, and Bloober Team would like to point out this. Communication around the license is managed by Konami, which partly explains this great silence.

If this little text in a box is scary now, don’t panic. Bloober Team ensures that the remake of
Silent Hill 2 is still in development. However, they need time to be able to offer an experience that meets expectations. Although the announcement has caused impatience among players, the developers do not want to rush things. And even if they would like to talk about the progress of the project, it is not possible.

If they are the ones working hard to bring this universe up to date, it is still Konami who is at the head. It is therefore up to the Japanese company to communicate about the game, and to talk about it whenever they see fit. We will have to be patient to learn more and discover what the game has in store for us. However, we can hope to have some news during the year 2024.

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