Blood Bowl III: seasonal content with a detailed Battle Pass in video

The business model of live-service attracts more and more studios, allowing to offer additional content to players while recovering money in the process. Nakon and Cyanide thus decided that Blood Bowl III will have its season system with a Battlepassall this is explained in video:

The studios first recall that Blood Bowl III will include 12 factions at launch, already 4 more than in the previous installment. Every three months, at the start of each season, a new faction will be introduced, along with a BloodPass with 50 bearings, some of which are free. However, it will be necessary to reach the last level of the Battlepass to unlock the faction of the season for free, which may not appeal to everyone. As in Overwatch 2, players buying the BloodPass paid will have immediate access to the faction.

This battle pass will therefore allow access to a faction, but also to a lot of other content for customization, cosmetic items that will also be offered in the store. in-game versus of the Warpstonesthe virtual currency of Blood Bowl III. On the competitive side, players will be able to engage in ranked games with a matchmaking depending on the level of each, without forgetting tournaments and a system of leagues.

With all this, Nakon and Cyanide intend to keep their game alive for as long as possible. Blood Bowl III release date set for February 23, 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the Nintendo Switch version will arrive later. Until then, you can find the second part and its extensions on Gamesplanet.

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