“Blood Red Sky”: The most successful German Netflix production

“Blood Red Sky”
The most successful German Netflix production

Peri Baumeister and Carl Koch in “Blood Red Sky”.

© Courtesy Netflix

The horror action “Blood Red Sky” is the most successful German Netflix production. Soon 50 million households took a look.

A German production has never achieved what director Peter Thorwarth (50) did with his new film “Blood Red Sky”. According to projections, more than 50 million households on Netflix will have watched the flick within the first 28 days after the horror action appeared. This is what the industry portal “Deadline” reports.

That was the old record holder

This makes “Blood Red Sky” the most successful German production that the streaming service has seen so far. Previously, the German series “Barbarians” held the record. Netflix announced in November 2020 that 37 million households had switched on within the first four weeks.

“I always believed that it would be a successful film, but I didn’t think it would be a worldwide hit,” Thorwarth explains in an interview with “Deadline”. Everyone “freaked out” after they got the numbers: “It’s great.” Many of the users also watch the film in its entirety, which is not always the normal case in streaming. “Yeah, 90 percent look from start to finish, I think that’s pretty good,” explains the director.

What the film is about

Nadja and her son are on a flight from Germany to the USA. Suddenly terrorists take control of the plane, but soon the hunters become the hunted. Nadja is a vampire. “Blood Red Sky” includes “Prison Break” star Dominic Purcell (51), Peri Baumeister (35) and Alexander Scheer (45).