Bloodhunt: Character Tier List (Archetypes) (April 2022)

Available since April 2022 on PC and PS5, after going into early access on PC at the end of 2021, Bloodhunt is a battle royale developed by Sharkmob. Through this title, players are invited to embody vampires, from different clans, and to compete as a team, on several game maps. The main objective being, as the genre indicates, to be the last team standing in order to achieve victory.

Bloodhunt offers a varied roster of archetypes, that is to say vampires, to select before the start of a game. In order to be the last survivors, it is therefore imperative to compose a complementary and efficient team. Some are obviously much better than others, although this may vary depending on how each plays. Therefore, we offer below a tier list of the best Bloodhunt archetypes.

Tier List of Best Bloodhunt Archetypes

This classification is proposed according to several parameters: the powers of each of the archetypes, their usefulness in game, our personal experience as well as the level of difficulty concerning the handling of these characters. Please note that this information is given for information only and is absolutely not definitive.

Also, remember that this list is based on the current meta of Bloodhunt. It may be that in the future, depending on the changes made by the developers, with the various updates and potential new characters, the tier list of the best Bloodhunt characters/archetypes is totally turned upside down, do not hesitate to come back regularly to this article in order to take note of the changes made and to manifest yourself, via the comments, if you do not agree with the Bloodhunt character tier list presented.

As a reminder, Bloodhunt is a free-to-play title available on PC and PS5. The software embeds the functionality of cross-play and thus allows players to find themselves, as allies or enemies, despite their gaming platform.

The article will be updated over time, if needed.

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