Bloody Hell Hotel, questionable management

In Bloody Hell Hotel, the player embodies a vampire who discovers, after coming out of a coma of several centuries, that his domain is no longer what it used to be. Pushed by who knows what inspiration, he then decides to transform it into a hotel in the hope of making a fortune. Suffice to say that there is work, especially since times like eggs are hard and resources are scarce. There are shortages of food, supplies and labour, we are told.

Yet our vampire manager has everything he needs at his fingertips, or rather under his feet: beneath the estate is a crypt and a cave system where to search for food, grow good things, milk a dead cow -alive, collect eggs from zombie hens, craft items and fight some monsters to get your hands on useful resources for the prosperity of the hotel.

Afterwards, once in a while, nothing prevents sucking the blood of a customer to regain strength and using his meat to save money on hamburgers. Once the hotel has grown, it will be time to hire fellow vampires to take on the functions of cook, housekeeper, porter or receptionist. As long as there is no lack of money and blood, the candidates will follow.

Bloody Hell Hotel does not yet have a release window but the game sheet is already online on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.

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