Bloody triple murder in upmarket Rome, serial killer wanted

Stupor in Rome, where the bodies of three women were found bloodied this Thursday, November 18 in an affluent district of the Italian capital. Investigators are looking for a connection between the victims.

Three women killed in an identical manner, their undisguised bodies and the same weapon used make Italian police think of a serial killer. Time is running out to find the man behind this triple murder bloody before he claims more victims.

Manhunt in Rome

It was Thursday in the Prati district of Rome that the bodies of the three women were found. According to the first elements it would be prostitutes, two of them are of Asian origin and one Colombian, killed with a knife. It was in a building that the macabre discovery was made by neighbors, since the body of one of the young women was found naked on the landing of this opulent building in an upscale district of Rome. Like the other two victims, she had received several blows to the head and stomach.

The second victim was also found in the building while the body of the Colombian, a 65-year-old transgender woman was found by a friend of hers. This terrible discovery makes the investigators who have launched themselves fear the worst. in a manhunt to find the author of this triple murder before he makes new victims. The Italian police are also looking for possible links between the three women, which is the characteristic trait of serial killers, in addition to the modus operandi. Indeed, if their activity of prostitution is verified, in addition to the weapon used and parts of the body targeted, the police will have the heavy and perilous task of putting the individual out of harm’s way as quickly as possible.

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