bodies found, crucial twist in the case

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Are the bodies found this Wednesday those of Marie-France and Richard? The case concerning the disappearance of the couple is at a crucial juncture.

Will we finally know what happened to Marie-France Dumortier and Richard Di Gennaro? This couple of octogenarians from Roubaix has given no sign of life since January 1 after a family lunch in Mairieux, near Maubeuge. It is returning home in their Citroën C3 that they disappeared, around 6-6.30 p.m. A month later, their relatives did not give up and the discovery of a bumper had relaunched the investigation.

Strangely not found, their car was finally found in the Northin Bruay-sur-L’Escault, according to TF1-LCI. A source close to the case reveals that the vehicle was in a water point and thata body was discovered inside.

On site, divers carry out research and a second body was found shortly after. According to TF1-LCIit would be Marie-France and Richard.

Relatives of the couple had reported missing on January 5 and launched a call for witnesses. The investigators received several phone calls indicating that they had seen the Roubaisiens in a station 500 km from the North, but nothing came of it.

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What happened to Marie-France and Richard?

Lille city prosecutor Carole Etienne said earlier this month The voice of the North : “That a couple, but also their car, disappear, without being found for so long, is, to my knowledge, unpublished”.

She had revealed a week earlier that: “The latest mobile tracking elements make it possible to locate the latter the same day in Marly at 7:09 p.m.“, between Marieux and Roubaix. The only element known beforehand was the last call received on their mobile phone at 6:47 p.m. in La Longueville, 22 km from Marly.

The car discovered on Wednesday is 8.2 km from Marly, in a body of water in Bruay-sur-L’Escaut. It is now up to the investigators to retrace the journey of Marie-France and Richard.

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