Bodyshaming: Mother thrown out of the amusement park because shorts were too short

Excitement video
Young mother thrown out of the amusement park for shorts that are too short

Bailey’s 11-year-old daughter is also visibly taking the situation with her.


A viral video shows a young Colorado mother being harassed by amusement park security personnel because they think her shorts are too short.

The American actually wants Bailey Breedlove Just having a great day at the amusement park with her 11 year old daughter and fiancé. The thermometer shows 26 degrees and the young mother decides on a Pikachu T-shirt and denim shorts – but the parking attendants obviously have a problem with that.

They say your shorts are too short!

When Bailey refuses to buy longer pants, the situation escalates. Again and again she is asked to show her identification documents, as you can see in the video. Her daughter panics too, worrying that Baily might be arrested. In the video you can judge for yourself whether these shorts were really “too short”.

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