Boeing: United Airlines eyes Airbus

(AOF) – American aircraft manufacturer, Boeing (-0.06% to $205.37) fell slightly in New York. “United Airlines has reportedly contacted Airbus to purchase more A321neo aircraft to fill the potential void left by the Boeing 737 Max 10 delay. This is a move to break the impasse over a long-delayed order for A350”, says Reuters, according to industry sources. The discussions would be preliminary, with no guarantee that an agreement would be reached. Signs of potential deal with Airbus reportedly raise “concerns” at Boeing.

“United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby reportedly recently traveled to Toulouse to probe the European aircraft maker over a possible quid pro quo deal, after an in-flight emergency on an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 raised fresh doubts about the certification of the Max 10, already delayed”, according to the press agency.

Boeing will publish its fourth quarter results next Wednesday in a context of crisis.

The aircraft manufacturer was singled out for the assembly and safety of its 737-9 aircraft after the incident that occurred on January 5 on this type of aircraft: loss of an escape door.

Last week, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) took additional steps to ensure the safety of these aircraft. The FAA has informed Boeing that it will not authorize any increase in the pace of production of the 737 Max, including the 737-9 Max. This measure was in addition to the FAA’s investigation and the strengthening of surveillance of Boeing and its suppliers.

The FAA had also approved a thorough inspection and maintenance process that must be performed on each of the 171 grounded Boeing 737-9 Max aircraft. Once this process is completed, the aircraft can be returned to service.

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