Bogart posts an increase in net income group share in the first half of 2022 – 09/29/2022 at 18:22

(AOF) – The perfume and cosmetics group Bogart today unveiled its results for the first half. It recorded a strong increase in its turnover (+ 28.7%), to 131 million euros. The export share is 91% of turnover. The net profit attributable to the group is 8.7 million, against 4.7 million. The Bogart Beauty Retail business benefited from the expansion of the scope but temporarily penalized EBITDA for the half-year (14.1 million, up 2.2%), given the alignment of the new store network in France on the group’s profitability standards.

The business dynamic should remain good in the Bogart Fragrances & Cosmetics business in the second half. This is supported by numerous launches. Targeted launches in the second half will be made to support the good momentum of the Bogart Fragrances & Cosmetics Division.

Bogart anticipates a catch-up in the second half of the year with 2022 Ebitda up compared to the 2021 financial year. The strong momentum of launches will fully support the activity of the Bogart Fragrances & Cosmetics division while the group recalls that the Bogart Beauty Retail activity is traditionally much more profitable in the second half.

However, Bogart remains very attentive to the difficulties that could penalize activity in the second half of the year: the increase in the prices of raw materials and energy as well as the risk of a contraction in consumption.

Tensions on component suppliers are also complicating inventory management in the sector. While Bogart masters its production tools, the group is not immune to supply difficulties that impact the availability of certain products in its factories.

Beyond the work on the profitability of the extended network, the group recalls that the extension of a network participates fully in the virtuous effect of the manufacturer/distributor model thanks to the positive effects on the deployment of sales of its own brands.

Bogart has already demonstrated in the past its ability and know-how in the integration of retail networks, even on a large scale, by working on improving the profitability of its network, while remaining attentive to the rigorous management of its cash flow.


The axis of sustainable development now a priority

This is one of the strongest expectations of customers aged 25 to 40, who represent a growing proportion of sales. This also represents an advantage in recruitment for major luxury brands. LVMH, Fendi, Imperial College London and Central Saint Martins UAL have teamed up on a two-year research project to develop new biotextiles for fur in the sector. Recently the manifesto for a regenerative fashion, developed in partnership with the Alliance for the circular bioeconomy (CBA) was signed by Burberry, Chloé, Stella McCartney, or Armani. As for Kering, it has developed a tool that measures its CO2 emissions, water consumption and land use throughout the supply chain.

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