Bonus: 14 million for this project with Liam Neeson which you do not suspect the existence

Did you know that the action thriller “Ice Road” starring Liam Neeson will have a sequel that has already set a record? “Ice Road 2” will indeed take place and has just been bought by a certain streaming giant…

Surely you weren’t expecting a sequel to Ice Road, the 2021 chilling action flick starring Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne, yet it’s already in the works and Amazon Prime Video has now stepped in to distribute it ! While the original film had been sold to Netflix for 18 million dollars as well as to a host of international distributors, the second part will be distributed by its direct competitor!

As Deadline reports, via FilmStarts, Amazon Prime Video has picked up the worldwide rights – excluding Germany – to Ice Road 2: Road To The Sky for a sum of around $17 million. This is a record amount in the film market at Cannes this year, where many rights are traditionally traded. If the case is not completely concluded, it is however heading in this direction.

Germany, meanwhile, has entered into a separate multimillion-dollar pact with another buyer. The biggest deal made at Cannes on a festival title, however, went to Netflix, which bought Todd Haynes’ May December for $11 million.


In this sequel, still written and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, screenwriter of A Day in Hell, Armageddon and Jumanji, Liam Neeson will return as Mike McCann, an experienced truck driver who, honoring his late brother’s last wish, travels to Nepal to scatter his ashes on Mount Everest. While on a crowded tour bus traversing the dangerous terrain of the infamous “Road to the Sky”, McCann and his mountain guide encounter a group of Nepalese mercenaries and must fight to save themselves, the innocent travelers but also the local villagers.

The production of the film is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2024. In the meantime, the first installment is available on VOD.

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