Book tips summer 2023: The 5 best readings

Book tips summer 2023
We take these books with us on vacation

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Are you looking for book tips for the summer of 2023? Then we have some recommendations for you!

The temperatures are rising and on beautiful summer days there is nothing more relaxing than curling up with a good book on the balcony, in the garden or in a park. Are you still missing the right reading? Then we have a few book tips for you here.

Martin Suter: Melody

In the current bestseller by Martin Suter is about the former National Councilor Dr. Peter Strotz. The elderly and very wealthy man has only a few months to live and he wants to organize his estate. The young lawyer Tom should help him. During work, Dr. Proud the young man of his great love, Melody, who disappeared without a trace many years ago. Tom, along with Strotz’ great-niece Laura, investigates a past where truth and fiction lie dangerously close together.

TC Boyle: Blue Skies

In TC Boyle’s new novel the effects of climate change will be felt by people in the USA. The country is hit by floods, drought and heat waves, viruses are spreading and food is becoming scarce. The Cullens, a typical American family, try to come to terms with the disasters that increasingly determine their everyday lives. But that’s getting worse and worse.

Bas Kast: Compass for the soul

After his great success with “The nutrition compass” dedicated to Bas Kast with the “compass for the soul” now our psyche and presents ten scientifically based methods that help against stress, exhaustion and depression. The methods not only include the usual adjustment screws such as diet, exercise and sleep, but also many other helpful approaches that give the soul new strength such as the stoic art of living, meditation or the therapeutic use of psychedelics.Bas Kast has summarized in the book in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner exactly how this works and what else helps.

Stefanie Stahl: The child in you has to find a home

The Advice by psychologist Stephanie Stahl has been on bestseller lists for years and is warmly recommended by readers. In the book, we learn how our childhood experiences affect our adult lives and relationships, and how we can connect with our “inner child” to heal old wounds, resolve conflict, and live happier lives.

Sebastian Fitzek: facial expressions

At this Psychological thriller by Sebastian Fitzek is one of the book bestsellers 2022. It is about Hannah Herbst, an expert in mimic resonance, who can read facial expressions better than anyone else and has been able to convict many perpetrators with this special ability. Just when she is struggling with memory lapses after an operation, she is faced with the most terrible case of her career. She gets her hands on the confession video of a woman who brutally murdered her family. The problem: The woman in the video is Hannah herself.

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