BookBeat in the shopping deal 2 months free, then 3 months cheaper

BookBeat – listen for 2 months for free and then cheaper

Whether traveling, jogging or on the train to work: audio books are now simply part of it. Even at home, the spoken novels, guidebooks or biographies are ideal for relaxation.

the over 500,000 audiobooks from BookBeat are available at all times – whether online or offline. And with a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can travel flexibly.

In cooperation with the audio book portal, FOCUS online now gives you the exclusive opportunity to BookBeat premium subscription for two months free to test. The monthly contribution for the unlimited listening pleasure is canceled for the time being and after 60 days you get a 20 percent discount for three months on your subscription. The offer is valid until September 30, 2022.

BookBeat – your deal tip in check

  • real Audio book flat rate – listen to as many audio books as you want with the premium subscription
  • Large selection of audio books
  • unique family account with up to 5 profiles
  • personal Audiobook Tips in app
  • Personal customer service from Monday to Sunday

BookBeat – library always with you

BookBeat takes care of that variety : Novels, thrillers, children’s books – there are numerous audio books for every taste to discover. For example, under the tab “Contemporary Literature” you will find current novels – for example, let Susanne Abel read the Spiegel bestseller “Stay away from Gretchen”, the story of a great love in dark times, or find out from Kurt Krömer in his autobiography You Must Not Believe Everything You Think, how the comedian suffered from depression for years and hid his illness from the public.

Non-fiction audio books, for example on business, politics or education, inform you comprehensively about current topics. In addition, you can always latest guide on health, psychology, business & careers and many other areas. Also Thriller and science fiction fans get their money’s worth and if you like to hear something to laugh about, you canhumorFor example, listen to Mark Uwe Kling’s Kangaroo Chronicles.

Bookworms are allowed to personal audio book tips and the flat rate listening which allows them to enjoy multiple audiobooks at the same time and try different genres, as well as the unique Family subscription with child-safe access . Plus: That Subscription can be canceled monthly and thus ensures great flexibility.

With Focus Online’s shopping deal, you can now test out BookBeat’s audio book offering by purchasing the

BookBeat – how it works:

With BookBeat, depending on your personal listening needs, you can choose between three different subscription types Select.

With the basic version For EUR 9.99 you can listen to audio books of your choice for up to 25 hours a month. If you have more desire to listen to books, that is allowed Standard subscription 100 hours of listening per month for EUR 14.99. And for those who need unlimited listening pleasure, there is BookBeat Premium for 19.90 euros – currently in a deal exclusively for the Focus online community for two months free of charge and then three months cheaper.

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