Books to think about: These have changed us

We read many books away – they entertain us, are fun, allow us to disappear into other worlds for a while and give us a good feeling. And that’s just as well! But books don’t always allow us to immediately return to our everyday lives as if nothing had happened. Some surprise us in a lasting way: they keep us busy even after we finish, make us think, inspire and move us.

Because in books we not only find imaginative stories and wonderful characters, but also learn a lot about life and ourselves. Not every book changes our lives immediately, but they can be wonderful eye-openers and motivation and give us perspectives that we might have previously thought of would not have come in a dream.

How do people live in other countries, what challenges do they face, how do we manage digitalization or what is actually in our food? No matter whether it’s a captivating novel, a groundbreaking essay or an exciting biography: in the gallery we introduce you to books that are worth reading and that we haven’t let go of so quickly.

Even more material for bookworms

Here, bookworms will find another 5 books that make you think, book tips from the editors, as well as the best 30 books for autumn and the favorite books of Germany’s book bloggers. The next generation of bookworms is also catered for with these great children’s stories full of diversity.

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