Boots: The best models for women with strong calves

No boots in the closet yet and finding it difficult? With these models women with strong calves are well advised.

They should look beautiful, but they should also fit: Buying boots is a real horror for some women. The fitting often fails because the socket is too narrow. The leg looks bruised or the calf doesn't even fit into it. Which models should women with strong calves choose best?

Boots made of soft suede are particularly suitable. The material hugs the leg gently and expands a little if necessary. If you want to be on the safe side, you should choose a model that has additional stretch inserts. This makes it easier to slip into the boot and it also increases wearing comfort. Also helpful: Numerous manufacturers now offer so-called wide-shaft boots that are tailored to the needs of women with strong calves.

The right shape

Shoes with a pointed design are flattering for stronger legs. The tip of the shoe lengthens the leg optically and makes it appear narrower. Heels as well as the color black or rather dark tones such as wine red or olive promote this effect. The matt color of the shoe absorbs the light and conjures up a slimmer-looking shape. Curvymodel Angelina Kirsch (32, "Rock your Curves!") Shows how it is with her overknee model, which is suitable for winter.

When it comes to the shape of the heel, women are also spoiled for choice. Here it makes sense to strike the golden mean. Thin stiletto heels can quickly appear undersized in relation to the leg, whereas wide block heels are too bulky. The ideal solution are block heels that taper towards the bottom. Curvy model Hunter McGrady (27) implements this advice ideally with her black leather model and scores with a trendy boot look.