Boris Becker: On the day of the bankruptcy, he had a fortune in the millions

Boris Becker
On the day of the bankruptcy, he had a fortune in the millions

Boris Becker faces two legal proceedings.

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In his podcast, Boris Becker also talks about his current proceedings. On the day of his bankruptcy, he was very wealthy.

The British proceedings against Boris Becker (53) determined the reporting of the tennis world star in recent months. But the former number one rarely spoke about the problems in his adopted home of London. In the latest and last episode of his podcast "Boris Becker – The fifth sentence" at the side of the moderator Johannes B. Kerner (56), he now expresses himself again and gives more detailed information.

"I am in bankruptcy proceedings and I am in criminal proceedings," confirms Becker. He has already repaid four times the amount owed and is in good spirits to end the bankruptcy proceedings soon: "I was declared bankrupt for 3.2 million euros plus three percent interest," said Becker, "during this time I had a two-digit million fortune Area." It is important to mention that he was a wealthy man on the day of bankruptcy.

He can keep half of his income

He has now made a deal in which he has to give up half of the income he earns today. However, he could keep the other half. About the criminal proceedings, Becker says that, in the opinion of others, he "made mistakes in my bankruptcy procedure". He had had two hearings and was accused on 28 points, but he pleaded not guilty on 28 points.

By mid-February, he would now give the court a statement on what he and his lawyers said he could not say. But Becker is "in good spirits that I am not guilty 28 times". In general, the insolvency law in Great Britain is vastly different from that in Germany.