Boris Johnson: Prime Minister does not have to be in corona quarantine

Boris Johnson
Prime Minister does not have to be in corona quarantine

For the time being, does not go into corona quarantine: Boris Johnson.

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Despite the contact with a Covid-19 patient, Boris Johnson does not have to be quarantined. Instead, it is now being tested daily.

Actually, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (57) should immediately go into self-isolation. He and his finance minister Rishi Sunak (41) had contact with the health minister Sajid Javid (51), who had Covid-19, and should actually go into quarantine. But as the government seat on Downing Street announced according to the Daily Mail, this will not happen for the time being.

Both politicians have been contacted by the contact tracing authority of the national health service NHS and are now participating in a pilot project. This stipulates that daily corona tests would have to be carried out instead of isolation. Johnson and Sunak would only be conducting essential government business in the next few days and holding back contact, the government affirmed.

Media react differently to special permits

In the British media after this decision, there is sometimes a lack of understanding for this special regulation for Johnson and Sunak, because all other Brits would have to be in quarantine for ten days. However, there is also understanding: Since many members of the government have had contact with Javid and his environment, the British fear that, without a special regulation, large parts of the government would have to go into quarantine in a few days and that Great Britain might be unable to act.