Born thanks to a sperm donation, he reunites with his biological father 34 years later

Arrived at adulthood, Alexandre Morel took it into his head to find his biological father. Thanks to the internet and a hell of a helping hand from fate, he finally got his way.

The path to its origins can be paved with pitfalls, but sometimes it is worth it. 34 years ago, in 1986, Alexandre Morel was born in Nancy, following a sperm donation, as reported by the Republican East, who collected his testimony. So old of “6 or 7 years”, he learns this truth from his parents, a revelation that “Is not really a good memory for me, nor for them, because announcing this is delicate but necessary. Otherwise, it is a lie to the child. ”

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Alexandre Morel then grew up with this information “Without talking too much about it; I especially understood that it was a pain for my dad, but that did not prevent the father / son love ». But “around 20”, the need to know more has intensified.

A major discovery on the Internet

After a written request to the Center for the Study and Conservation of Eggs and Sperm remained unsuccessful, the young man then heard about saliva tests to be ordered on the Internet, sometimes used by children born with medically assisted procreation. The process is not easy. He discusses with other people in his case, including members of the PMAnonyme association, and ends up taking this new step. He then orders the test kit and admits that it took three weeks before performing the test.

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In July 2020, he decides to do the analyzes and discovers that he has ethnic origins in Burgundy / Franche-Comté, whereas he has “No family in this area on the maternal side. “ Five days later, the results became clearer. “Based on updated data, I had 25% common DNA with a lady living in Oregon, USA …”, he tells L’Est Républicain. This woman is none other than his aunt, with whom he makes contact. “She finally told me that she had lived in Lorraine 50 years ago, and that she had two brothers. She questioned them, and one of them had given Nancy his sperm. It took a long time but, at my request, she was able to send me her email … ”

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A necessary response

Since then, Alexandre Morel has discovered that his biological father lives in the south of France and corresponds with him by email. He even found a half-brother from the same parent who lives in Quebec! Now a father, he admits that finding his parent has brought him a lot. “At least I got the answer to the question I’ve been wondering for so long, and it’s like it released something in me; It allowed me to grow, from all points of view. “ A happy ending and which gives hope to all those who would like to learn more about their origins.

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