Bosses: he thinks Nena’s behavior is “insanely irresponsible”

He finds Nena’s behavior “insanely irresponsible”

Pop singer Bosse is for compliance with the corona rules at concerts.

© Marco Sensche / Universal

Pop singer Bosse strongly criticizes pop singer Nena. Your behavior at concerts could damage the cultural industry, he warns in an interview.

It’s not the same as before the start of the corona pandemic, but slowly there are more cultural offers again. The German pop singer Axel “Aki” Bosse (41, “Schönste Zeit”) has already played a few concerts. On the occasion of the release of his new album “Sunnyside” (August 27), he said in an interview with the news agency spot on news that he thinks Corona-compliant concerts are “great”.

“It’s about getting the industry going again. You really feel alive and I know from experience, because I’ve played so many concerts now, how happy people are that there is culture again, that you can sing and dance together again at all, “reports the pop singer. Especially for “everyone behind the stage, I am most happy about that,” adds Bosse.

Bosses: “At Nena I can only roll my eyes”

For the 41-year-old, Corona rules have top priority at his concerts. Other artists, including pop singer Nena (61, “Only dreamed”), however, offend with their attitudes. The 61-year-old recently made headlines because she and some visitors did not adhere to the rules of distance at her concerts.

“At Nena I can only roll my eyes,” says Bosse when asked. “If you play at an event that is definitely attended by the public order office, because it is important that distances are observed – if you then call for it to be different or that it can be different, then there is one there is a great chance that the cultural industry will be damaged, “he criticizes. In addition, it could be “that the concerts can no longer take place”. Bosse has a clear stance on this: “I find that incredibly irresponsible. Apart from the health problems.”