Bouches-du-Rhône: hundreds of teachers in priority education cut off from their bonus

This bonus, paid to teachers working in priority education zones, amounts to 144 euros per month in REP and 426 euros per month in REP+. Seventyfour /

Several hundred teachers“performing replacements or additional services in primary schools in Bouches-du-Rhône placed in priority education zones have not received the monthly bonus to which they are entitled since September, denounced the unions on Tuesday .

In the Bouches-du-Rhône, since September, we have had significant local wage news: in a very large number of schools in REP or REP+ (priority education network, editor’s note), hundreds of colleagues” not “don’t get the premiumwhich is due to them, underlined Marion Chopinet, academic secretary of the SNES-FSU union (second degree), during a press conference of the FSU 13 Tuesday in Marseille.

426 euros per month of premium in REP+

This bonus, paid to teachers working in priority education zones, amounts to 144 euros per month in REP and 426 euros per month in REP+. “Several hundred teachers are concerned” by this situation in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône, which has 40% of schools in priority education, added Marion Chopinet, specifying that it was about teachers with “itinerant missions» (substitutes, teachers specializing in the care of children in difficulty or carrying out additional services) and not tenured teachers.

Among them, “especially in Marseille and in REP+, there are many colleagues who are at the start of their career” and that “matter“On these 450 euros bonus, underlined to AFP Virginie Akliouat, departmental secretary of the SNUipp-FSU (first degree). “This treatment of personnel is unworthy of the employer that is the State! Who can live decently on a salary cut every month? The bills are not going down!“, protested the SNUipp-FSU in a press release dated January 5.

He recalled on this occasion having arrested the Directorate of Departmental Services of National Education (DSDEN) on December 15, “to claim payment of wages due and an email of apology to the staff concerned“. “Neither was doneSince then, noted Virginie Akliouat.

The Aix-Marseille Academy is “one of the few with those of Versailles, Créteil and Lille to have as many establishments in REP and REP+“, but she is nevertheless “below the national average“As for the resources allocated, reminded AFP Marion Chopinet.

The FSU 13 press conference was held on the occasion of a day of symbolic mobilization organized by the first teachers’ union federation, before the opening on Wednesday of negotiations on salary increases in Education and ahead of strikes and demonstrations against the pension reform on Thursday.

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