Bounty on the head – parrots gone: Pastor suspects his archenemy

Heinrich Wagner pays 250 euros to anyone who brings his parrots back to him. He suspects a former parish employee.

Pastor Heinrich Wagner racked his brains all weekend. As the “Krone” reported, his two gray parrots Leila (8) and Iomi (10) have disappeared since Friday. Now he has a suspicion: a former employee of the St. Elisabeth parish is said to have stolen the two birds. The 66-year-old also told the police this. “I suspect that an acquaintance wants to annoy me,” says the 66-year-old. According to his own statements, he has been at loggerheads with the former employee for eight years. When the priest terminated the employment relationship, the man reported him to the public prosecutor’s office: Wagner still owed him money. The former even wrote a letter to Bishop Lackner. When he said goodbye, the man threatened: “Watch your parrots!” Wagner suspects that he anesthetized the parrot and took it with him in a box. “He knows my locality well, has been here often and knows where the birds are.” The clergyman draws attention to the alleged theft with posters around the rectory and in the community center. He offers a finder’s fee of 250 euros to get them back: “People should talk about it and pay attention.”
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