Boursorama, Fortuneo… The cheapest online banks in June according to your profile

0 euro bank charges! This is the promise of several banks depending on your profile. And in addition, it is possible to earn up to 130 euros for any new subscription. Here is the ranking of the least expensive banks in June.

More than 250 euros savings bank charges per year. This is what awaits you, perhaps, if you open an account in one of the cheaper banks. Each month, MoneyVox establishes a classification according to the pricing policy of the establishments. Here are the winners for the month of June.

It’s not a surprise, it is of course the online banks that are the least expensive in our ranking. Like traditional banks, they offer a full range of services (savings books, life insurance, home loans, consumer loans, etc.) but they stand out for their very attractive prices.

For a classic profile

Ex aequoFortuneo and Boursorama Bank are the two least expensive banks: 2.78 euros per year for a classic profile. That is to say an individual with 1700 euros in monthly income, who has a Visa Classic or a Mastercard Standard immediate debit, makes 2 withdrawals outside his bank each month, and is billed 3 intervention commissions over a month, 2 times in the year. But that’s not all. Both of these banks offer a generous welcome bonus for new customers: up to 130 euros at Fortuneo and 100 euros at Boursorama

On the 3rd place of our podium, we find ING with 10euros annual fee for a classic profile. A temporary place since the Dutch retail bank will soon leave the French market. It offers its customers to migrate to Boursorama with a series of bonuses.

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On the fourth step, there is Orange Bank which launched this Friday a special offer with a maximum welcome bonus of 130 euros. The bank of the telephone operator Orange, however, remains less competitive than Boursorama and Fortuneo with bank charges estimated at 24.98 euros per year for our profile.

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For a young and premium profile

This ranking based on a standard profile is almost similar for the young profile of our comparison. In this case, Boursorama Bank and Fortuneo are on the first market with 0 euro bank charges. It is N26 which slips into third place with 13.58 euros in annual fees. Orange Bank finds itself in fifth position with 16 euros in fees, just behind the 14 euros of the Caisse d’Epargne Cte ​​d’Azur.

Finally on our premium profile, a person with 3000 euros of monthly income and equipped with a high-end card, again Boursorama and Fortuneo are ahead with 0euros fee!

Ranking of the least expensive banks on June 1

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