Box office: Buzz Lightyear stronger than Toy Story for its 1st day France?

To infinity and beyond for Buzz? What start for the new Pixar animated film? Buzz Lightning dominates by far. The film got off to a better start on its first day in France than Toy Story 1, but nevertheless less well than the other Toy Story films, the most successful to date being Toy Story 3 (389,918 admissions on its first day of release, in 2010). Toy Story 1 recorded a score of 99,545 tickets sold in 1996.

Buzz Lightning

Exit :

June 22, 2022

1h 49min

Angus MacLane

Sessions (1,086)

Among the other highly anticipated releases this Wednesday, the rocker Elvis, reviewed by Baz Luhrmann. If we compare it to the filmmaker’s previous films, it’s stronger than Australia and Romeo + Juliet, but less strong than Gatsby and Moulin Rouge. The Magnificent Gatsby remains to this day its biggest success in France, with 78,648 admissions for its first day.

PILS – This way the cinema releases of 06/22/2022

PILS - This way the cinema releases of 06/22/2022

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