Box office France: Fantastic Beasts 3, The Good Lord 3 and Sonic 2 at the gates of 2 million admissions

Fantastic Beasts 3, Le Bon Dieu 3 and Sonic 2 remain in the first three places at the weekly box office, all three close to 2 million admissions. The novelty The Secret of the Lost City comes 4th. Check out the full ranking.

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Podium unchanged this week: no novelty manages to rank in the first three of the weekly box office, thus leaving the three locomotives of the moment to continue their race in the lead. These are the Fantastic Beasts 3, What have we all done to God? and sonic 2, three successful franchises, with various genres (fantasy, comedy and adaptation of video games). These three films could cross 2 million admissions before next week, thus modifying the box office for the year 2022. The 2022 podium is, for the moment, occupied by The Batman, Uncharted and Retirement home.

Only three novelties climbed into the Top 10: the first of them came 4th. This is the adventure comedy The Secret of the Lost City with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, which recorded just over 300,000 admissions in one week.

The animated movie The Bad Guys is 5th, with 250,000 additional entries, a total of almost 700,000 entries. Note that thanks to school holidays, Sonic 2, The Bad Guys and Max & Emmy: Mission Easterthree films intended for a family audience, recorded a higher score than last week (respectively +16%, +42% and +39%).

Just behind Les Bad Guys, there is another novelty: French comedy The SEGPAswhich also records nearly 250,000 entries. In body by Cédric Klapisch is continuing its very fine career (+19%), approaching one million admissions. It had been 9 years since Chinese Puzzle, released at the end of 2013, that the filmmaker had not reached this symbolic bar of one million entries.

Morbius is now 9th with a total of 728,744 admissions. A Solid Gold Talent with Nicolas Cage closes the ranking, arriving 10th, with 57,763 tickets sold.

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Source: CBO Box Office

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