Boy and girl names starting with an H

Are you looking for an unusual first name for your child? Our selection of first names beginning with the letter H should please you.

Choose your child’s first name can be a difficult step for future parents. Many people have strong ideas, while others are more driven by heart. Anyway there are a multitude ofinspiration who can help you find THE nickname of your future toddler. You can draw on the traditions of other countries, such as the Nordic culture with the viking namesor in thealphabet and the numerology.

So yes, you will certainly tell us that the alphabet is one of the first resources to which you are referred to make your famous little lists of first names. But have you searched well among all the letters of the alphabet ? The letter H, for example, contrary to what one might imagine, is full of first names. Generally, they are even rather rare. The fact that they are not very widespread gives them a certain unique and precious aspect, to be taken into account if you want your child to have an unusual first name.

Otherwise, in numerology, the H evokes justice, pure energy and even the fighting spirit. Interesting attractions for your little one’s personality.

Without further ado, discover our selection of female, male and mixed starting with the letter H.

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