Boyband Blue: How she feels about fake friends and real happiness

The British boy band Blue is back – in an interview they talk about their families, Corona, false friends and what they are worried about.

“Out of the blue” the boy band Blue is back after seven years of radio silence. The new single “Haven’t Found You Yet” is already out, the new album “Heart & Soul” will be released in September, followed by a UK tour. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Antony Costa (40), Duncan James (44), Lee Ryan (38) and Simon Webbe (43) reveal how their lives have changed, what the negative sides of fame are and what they are really nervous about the upcoming tour.

Your new single is called Haven’t Found You Yet. Are you still looking or are you happy?

Lee: Happiness is not a place, it’s a journey and we live and enjoy that journey.

Simon: We all have families with children now, it’s a different world. And it’s nice to get to this point and have our family and the boys.

Duncan: I’m happiest when I’m with the boys and we’re doing what we love. We are so lucky to still be doing this 20 years later and traveling the world. I love it.

Antony: Happiness is my family and of course the boys.

How about love? do you have someone

Duncan: I’ve been in a relationship with my partner Rodrigo for over three years. He lives in Belgium but we see each other quite regularly.

Lee: I’m married with a little baby and I love coming home because we tour the world so much.

Simon: I’ve been married for almost four years now, crazy how time flies. And we also have a baby who is now one year old. So I live in a world that’s a lot about food and a little about sleeping.

Antony: I have my partner and our girls, they grow up fast.

Has your success had a negative impact on your life?

Simon: Yes, of course, but with a kind of learning curve. Life is full of educational moments – and you don’t have to be a celebrity to experience them.

Antony: Fame and success bring friends who want to be with you for what you can offer them and when you stop, they disappear.

Duncan: We pay attention to who’s around us when we’re releasing a new album or doing a new tour and we look at who’s with us between albums when it’s quieter. These are often two different groups.

Lee: You have to take the advantages with the disadvantages. Life can’t always be a bowl of strawberries.

Things don’t always go smoothly in a band – what topics do you fight about?

Duncan: We don’t argue – ever. It’s not in our DNA, we’re like four brothers and respect each other’s opinions. We’re not like those bands where there’s a leader, we all lead equally and listen to each other. That’s why we’re still together after all these years.

To celebrate your 20th anniversary you will be touring the UK at the end of the year. are you nervous

Simon: We were in Denmark in May and played in front of 40,000 people and after the first few songs I realized how out of shape I am. The following Monday I started my diet. I mean I gained 12 kilos because of Covid. It’s time for a new fitness program and to get back in shape.

Lee: The voice is a muscle like any other in the body and imagine how tough it would be if footballers hadn’t played for two years and then had to play in the premier league again. There is a lot to do to get back to peak vocal fitness.

Antony: I’m excited, I wouldn’t say nervous. I’m happy to be working and doing what I love again.

Duncan: I have to memorize the lines! I’m terrible at it, my memory is terrible and sometimes I look to the guys on stage for clues to help me remember my lines. I won’t be able to do that on this tour, so I have to work on it.

Are there any old hits you can’t listen to anymore?

Antony: There aren’t any tracks that we actively avoid, different songs have different meanings to us and some are positive and some less so. For example, I’m not a big fan of “Curtain Falls” as it reminds me of when we quit in 2005, but the fans love it so we’re doing it.

The tour was supposed to take place in 2021 and was canceled due to Covid. How has the pandemic affected your lives?

Antony: Homeschooling! I had to learn how to homeschool my girls and all I can say is I have a lot of respect for our teachers out there. How they do this job every day I don’t know.

Duncan: It affected the whole world! But for us personally, it meant bringing what we love to a standstill, and that was hard to accept.

Simon: Yes, but it also gave us the opportunity to work on an album, albeit slowly, so I think you have to see the positives in that, I’ve also been spending time with my new little girl every day and in normal times I would have missed much of it through work.

Did you learn something from the pandemic?

Lee: Yeah, don’t take anything for granted.

All: Can’t put it better.


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