bp: trial in marine biofuels with Rio Tinto

( – bp announced on Monday that it was going to collaborate with Rio Tinto as part of a test aimed at supplying biofuel to the mining group’s ships.

Under the terms of this trial, which is expected to last a year, the British energy group will supply Rio Tinto with its B30 bio-diesel, which is made up of 30% fatty acid methyl esters.

This mixture, derived from diesel, reduces the carbon emissions of boats by 26% compared to traditional maritime fuels, argues bp in a press release.

The trial will be conducted on the RTM Tasman vessel, which provides transatlantic deliveries, as well as links between the Atlantic and the Pacific.

The project should help Rio Tinto achieve its goal of starting to operate carbon-neutral ships by 2030, before ensuring zero-CO2 deliveries by 2050.

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