Brad Pitt: He’s a really good racing driver

Brad Pitt
He’s a really good racing driver

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Brad Pitt, 60, outpaces everyone on the racetrack. In his new film he takes on the role of a former Formula 1 driver. In order to portray the character as authentically as possible, the actor obviously spent a lot of time studying the material. “He trained for four or five months. He’s an amazing driver. Some of the Formula One drivers even said he was a natural athlete,” said producer Jerry Bruckheimer, 80, in an interview with “People” about the Hollywood star.

Pitt was “incredible in this car.” However, Bruckheimer did not want to reveal how fast he ultimately drove for the strip on the racetrack. “I can’t say. The insurance company would kill me,” he joked.

In the still untitled project from director Joseph Kosinski, 50, Brad Pitt plays the aging racing driver Sonny Hayes, who returns from retirement to accompany an up-and-coming talent on his way to the top. Javier Bardem, 55, and Damson Idris, 32, can be seen at his side. The film, for which Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, 39, is a co-producer, is scheduled to hit cinemas in the summer of 2025.

Filming at the British Grand Prix

The film should according to “Deadline” largely avoid CGI and instead show real scenes from racing. The British Grand Prix was also filmed in July 2023 and Brad Pitt got into a modified Formula 2 car. “I have to say, it’s just great to be here,” he enthused to “Sky Sports F1” presenter Martin Brundle, 64. He was “just having so much fun, so much fun, the best time of my life.”


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