Bradley Cooper + Gigi Hadid: “There’s an attraction” – Insider unpacks

Bradley Cooper
Love weekend? He was spotted again with Gigi Hadid

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First, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper surprised everyone with their dinner date. Now the two have been spotted again in New York – an insider is now talking about the supposedly new star couple in the celebrity sky.

After her alleged romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, may have snagged model Gigi Hadid, 28, now the next Hollywood star: Bradley Cooper, 48. After dinner together in New York on Thursday, October 5, 2023, the two were spotted together again.

Did Bradley Cooper spend a romantic weekend with Gigi Hadid?

Just two days after their private meeting, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper returned to the Big Apple together on Saturday, October 7, according to Page Six. In pictures available to the US celebrity portal, the model and the Hollywood star first sit together in a black Mercedes-Benz SUV and then unload their luggage a few minutes later. Hadid appears in a casual sweater and jeans look as she takes out a weekender from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton and a large bag from Prada.

Cooper, who also steps out casually in a jeans and T-shirt outfit with a cap and sunglasses, also has his travel bag and backpack to carry around. Gigi and Bradley are believed to have taken an overnight trip together.

Gigi Hadid

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Gigi Hadid caught dating Bradley Cooper

Just last weekend, Daily Mail reported that Gigi Hadid enjoyed a dinner date with Bradley Cooper – one of DiCaprio’s best pals – on October 5th. Snapshots that were available to the British newspaper, showed Hadid and Cooper strolling side by side through New York at night, accompanied by a bodyguard. While she wore a mini skirt, crop top and leather jacket, he was casual in a T-shirt, checked shirt and baseball cap. The two are said to have had dinner together beforehand. They then jumped into the same car and drove off together.

Insider unpacks: “There is a certain attraction”

An insider spoke to the American “People” magazine about the alleged new star couple in the celebrity sky and put the relationship between the two into perspective. “They’re having fun. She’s independent, busy and her days are full of responsibilities, so I don’t see anything serious happening right away, if at all.”

However, the insider reveals that Gigi Hadid has been “in for some time now [Cooper] “has a crush” and may be open to more than just a friendship with the actor.”[Sie haben] things together, so it’s possible things could get going,” the source continued. “It seems super casual now, but they both have kids, big careers, busy lives and understand what life is like in those circles . That’s it…and there’s a certain attraction.”

Additionally, Gigi Hadid is said to have a keen interest in acting, according to the alleged confidante. With a mentor like Bradley Cooper at her side, she could make this leap onto the big screen even better.

Your ex-lovers are Hollywood stars

About a year ago, Gigi Hadid is said to have dated Leonardo DiCaprio, who is friends with Cooper. Cooper has been single since splitting from Irina Shayk, 37. His former partner is said to be meeting Tom Brady, 46, the ex-husband of model Gisele Bündchen, 43.

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