Bradley Cooper: He was threatened with a knife – and pursued the perpetrator

Bradley Cooper
He was threatened with a knife – and pursued the perpetrator

Bradley Cooper in Los Angeles.

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Bradley Cooper was ambushed on the New York subway two years ago. In an interview he now tells how he escaped.

Bradley Cooper, 46, was threatened with a knife in broad daylight on the New York subway. The actor was able to escape and in turn pursued the perpetrator. In a podcast interview the star spoke in detail about the incident, which occurred in 2019.

Cooper was therefore on the way to pick up his now four-year-old daughter Lea, whom he has with his ex, model Irina Shayk (35). He got on the subway at lunchtime and was walking to the end of the train when he noticed someone was approaching him. “At first I thought: ‘Oh, they want to take a picture or something'”, he said on the “Armchair Expert” podcast. But then he saw that the person opposite had pulled out a knife. Cooper could not hear whether his attacker was saying something because he was listening to music through headphones. “The whole situation had a soundtrack,” he reported with a laugh.

Bradley Cooper: “I guess I was too reckless”

Cooper remembers having so much time to register that the eight-inch knife was past its prime. And he looked into the attacker’s eyes and wondered how young they looked. Then he instinctively ran away and got off at the next stop. This is also where the knife-bearer fled. The actor again went in pursuit and took photos of his attacker. He then showed them to a police patrol, which he ran into.

In the interview, Cooper admitted that he was probably too reckless: “I was not on my guard.” Cooper often travels alone or with his daughter without a bodyguard, as many paparazzi pictures prove. You can often see the superstar sitting down to earth in the subway.


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