Braided hairstyles long hair: the most beautiful ideas


Braided hairstyles always have something artistic: No matter whether a simple braid, herringbone braid, French braid or peasant braid – your long hair will be an eye-catcher and guarantee you a stylish appearance!

Braided hairstyles: how it works

  1. To braid your hair, divide it into three strands of equal size.
  2. Then you alternate the one after the other outer strands of hair across the middle strand. In general, you should rather braid a little more, so the hair gets more hold. After the braid is tied, you can still pull it apart a little.
  3. In this rhythm you continue until the desired length is reached and fasten the braid with a hair tie.
  4. If you want, spray some glossy spray at the end.

tip: Do not look in the mirror while braiding. Instead, just concentrate on the braiding itself – so the technique works better.


Braided hairstyles for long hair: the 6 most popular hairstyles

French braid – très chic!

A romantic touch is certain with a French braid! For this, during the braiding, again and again added individual strands on the side and braided. The technique of the French braid forms the basis for boxer braids.

Boxer braids – braided hairstyles with a cool factor

From the sports hairstyle to the catwalk – boxer braids are among those braided hairstyles that combine coolness with style! The hairstyle succeeds by using one strict center parting pull and one on both sides French braid. To do this, start with three strands above the forehead and pick up individual strands while braiding.

Waterfall hairstyle: For a glamorous appearance

With the waterfall hairstyle, you lay an elaborate wickerwork and still wear your hair open! The trick with braiding here is that The strands are dropped individually at the front and a new strand of hair is added underneath. How the hairstyle works, you can see here:

Herringbone braid: casual charm

The braided hairstyle with that certain something! For the herringbone braid, divide your long hair into two strands. Take a thin strand of hair from the right strand and run it over the strand towards the left part of the braid. Repeat the technique on the left: cut off a strand of hair on the far left, run it over the left strand to the right. Continue until you have reached the desired length. Keep in mind that the strands should always be the same thickness to get a uniform pattern. With particularly thin strands, the braid becomes finer.

Gretchen hairstyle: playful yet elegant

The Gretchen hairstyle is suitable for everyday use as well as for going out! To do this, pull a center parting and braid two simple braids on both sides of the head. Tie them with thin hair ties. Then place the braids around your head so that a hair ring is createdyou fix with hairpins.

Dutch braid: Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid is easier than expected: split your hair into three strands. Don't cover the outer strands when braiding, but under the middle strand and continue until you reach the end of the braid.

Braided hairstyles for long hair: even more tutorials

Braided hairstyles for long hair: tips & tricks

  • Braiding hairstyles work best when your hair not freshly washed is. Your hair will then be easier to grip and braid better. To add more grip to the hair, you can spray a little sea salt spray if necessary.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly. An antistatic brush, which prevents hair from being charged, is ideally suited for combing. This makes braiding a lot easier for you! In addition, you should comb the hair in the respective direction – depending on whether you want a middle or side parting, or the hair should be combed completely back.
  • Have hair ties and clips ready – after all, you don't want to drop your elaborate braided hair at the end, just to start looking …

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