Brandenburger Tor: A New Year's Eve party is not possible this year


The big New Year's Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin should not take place this year. However, nothing has been officially canceled yet.

Usually tens of thousands of people travel to Berlin every year to celebrate a huge New Year's Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate. Unsurprisingly, this will most likely not come to anything in the Corona year 2020.

The Senator for Economic Affairs Ramona Pop (43) from the Greens told the "Berliner Morgenpost" that there should be no big New Year's Eve celebrations in 2020, because these would then likely lead to the next wave of infections in February. This also applies to the previously planned celebration at the Brandenburg Gate.

However, the organizer has not yet officially canceled the party. According to the report, a New Year's Eve concert without an audience is planned, which is to be broadcast on television. The Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz should also take place to a much lesser extent, if at all.