Break with President Trump: Pence attends Biden's inauguration

Break with President Trump
Pence attends Biden's inauguration

For a long time Mike Pence has stood loyally by the side of his highly controversial president. A few days before her departure from the White House, the vice-president is now breaking with Donald Trump. The upcoming President Biden reacts with pleasure.

US Vice President Mike Pence will attend the upcoming inauguration of future President Joe Biden, according to media reports. Citing senior government officials, several US media reported that Pence decided to attend Biden's swearing-in ceremony on January 20. The elected President Donald Trump, however, had announced that he would not take part in the ceremony.

Biden stated that Pence would be welcome when he was sworn in. Pence, who stood loyally at Trump's side for a long time, had last broken with the outgoing president. He officially recognized Biden's victory in the November election on Wednesday. Trump had previously asked him to prevent confirmation of the election victory.

As a result, angry Trump supporters broke into the Capitol in Washington after Trump incited them with his unsubstantiated election fraud allegations during a performance in Washington and called for a march to the parliamentary seat. Because of the riots, the congress session had to be interrupted to confirm Biden's election victory.

During the riot, a Trump supporter was shot dead by the police, and a police officer died of serious injuries the following day. Three other people died on the verge of rioting as a result of medical emergencies.