Breakfast: Recipe for the perfect egg sandwich in just 30 seconds

hot breakfast
This is how you succeed in making the perfect egg sandwich in just 30 seconds

Crispy, delicious and ready in no time: This sandwich is the insider tip for a quick breakfast!


A delicious, hot egg sandwich that is ready in just 30 seconds: In the video you can see the trick you can use to save a lot of time in the morning!

A hot breakfast in 30 seconds? It’s definitely another microwave trick, isn’t it?

No not at all! This is a delicious, crunchy, freshly fried egg sandwich – perfect and to the point, as if a professional breakfast buffet chef had prepared it for you. Especially if you don’t have much time in the morning, this trick is really a lifesaver!

Okay, it’s actually sometimes a bit hectic for me in the morning – but I don’t really have time to fry a sandwich.

Yes, it’s even quicker than plain toast – and tastes way, way better!

Hm. I can’t imagine. Now where does that come from?

The video is currently making the rounds on Twitter, where user @Grasshopper2049 shared a clip showing how to do it. In the meantime, the network is enthusiastic – and has started a real cult around the turbo sandwich.

OK. What do I need for that?

The list of ingredients is very, very clear:

Wait a minute – I looked at the video – that’s accelerated! The 30 seconds thing is a blatant lie!

No, that’s still true! So, yes: the Twitter video was shot faster, but that’s Twitter too, so you have to get to the point a little faster. But we tried it out in the BRIGITTE kitchen and it actually works in 30 seconds. It is only important that the pan is already hot – but you can preheat it well when making coffee.

That actually looks delicious. Can I expand this?

Clear! At the point before the sandwich is folded in the pan, you can of course add a few extras. A slice of cheese, a tomato, cucumber, a slice of salami – whatever you fancy! Then the sandwich might take 40 seconds instead of 30, but it’s worth it. Just try it yourself!


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