Breaking Bad: The creator of the series wanted a game at the GTA

Better Caul Saul is about to say goodbye to all fans of the series breaking Bad, much to their chagrin. An era ends for the license, and when it was at the top, its creator Vince Gilligan had lots of ideas to develop it even more broadly, especially through video games. If we were entitled to a mobile game breaking Bad very forgettable, Gilligan says today that he wanted to produce a GTA-like breaking Bad.

Better Caul Rockstar

The creator revealed this during the latest episode of his Inside the Gilliverse show (reported by DualShockers). He says he had several game ideas in mind, including adapting Breaking Bad to GTA sauce:

I’m not a big video game player, but how not to know Grand Theft Auto? I remember saying to the two gentlemen who said yes to Breaking Bad originally, “Who owns Grand Theft Auto? Can there be like an adaptation of Breaking Bad? That still makes sense to me, but it never materialized. »

We imagine that Rockstar had many other things to do at the time, and even now. The idea of ​​a GTA-like Breaking Bad might make sense as far as the show’s universe goes, but for the rest of it it might be harder to imagine. Anyway, we’ll never see the color of it, but we can always wait GTA 6.

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